Why Should You Buy a Health Insurance Plan with Restoration Benefits?

Why Should You Buy a Health Insurance Plan with Restoration Benefits?

Getting something extra excites all of us. It could be anything like getting some complementary dishes along with ordered food or having extra cupcakes in dessert. Such similar feature can be seen in health insurance policy as well and this benefit is called ‘restoration benefit’. Looking for the genuine life insurance service? Consult Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd.

Health insurance plans come in many variants but sometimes our health coverage is not enough. There is where a restoration benefits come in a handy!

What exactly restoration benefit is?

Choosing a health insurance plan with restoration benefit means that if your insured coverage gets exhausted during the treatment, the insurance will compensate the sum instead. For instance, if a person is having the health insurance plan with a sum of rs10 lakh and he invest his sum in first two months of treatment; still he is protected when he get diagnosed with another illness as insurance company will restore his insure amount and can claim for the same amount in the same year. Thus, while buying a health insurance plan, the restoration benefit is add-on benefit.

How much excess premium you need to pay for restoration benefit?

Since a health insurance plan vary immensely, so it is difficult to put a number on it. The restoration comes as an extra premium but the investments have to considered the benefits it offers. It acts like a backup that works as a health insurance recharge for your sum which has been exhausted.

Types of restoration benefits

Complete exhaustion

This health insurance benefit is mostly is mostly offered as a part of nearly all health policies. It is only applicable when the entire sum covered along with the bonus is exhausted.

Partial exhaustion       

This benefit is applicable even if there is a partial exhaustion of the sum you have insured.

Conditions of Restoration benefits

The restoration benefit comes with a set of condition which may vary policy to policy but the commonly prevalent ones are:

  1. The benefits only offered for different illness.
  2. The benefit is not available for the first claim during the term of policy.
  3. It cannot be carried forward for the next year in case it is not consumed in the present year.

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