What is the best time to buy travel insurance?

What is the best time to buy travel insurance?

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Holidays are approaching and one can’t help but think of planning a vacation. However, while planning that “to-be-awesome” trip, don’t you think that you need travel insurance? And if yes, what is the most appropriate time to buy it?

Travel insurance is necessary for you to travel without worrying about unanticipated circumstances that may prevail. Whether travelling alone or with your loved ones, it is better to be prepared than sorry. But looking for the ‘perfect’ travel insurance plan can be both exhausting and confusing.

Well, all you need is a little direction! Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd is here to head you to the same. Planning for travel insurance alongside your trip needs a lot of attention and knowledge as to when and how it should be purchased.

Here are a few tips that will save your time and energy to assist you with information that you need.

  • When you buy travel insurance, it is advised that you buy it within fourteen days of paying for the trip. When you do that, you become eligible for trip cancellation coverage that reimburses you with the cost of flights when you cancel.
  • You can also purchase insurance right after making the first payment of your trip. Not only you get trip cancellation benefits, but you also become eligible for any pre-existing medical coverage before you depart.
  • Always compare quotes that different companies offer you while buying travel insurance. If you think that the travel company is offering you an expensive insurance, opt for another one. Don’t forget to compare the benefits, features and types of coverage offered by the companies. We at Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd offers the best insurance policies suiting your requirements.
  • If you purchase an insurance plan just a day before your trip, it’s almost like putting your money into the trash. You cannot apply for insurance after you get injured. If you break your hand while on your trip, you cannot opt for insurance because you won’t be eligible for any benefits.
  • Purchase travel insurance that covers you for a whole year, irrespective of the number of trips that you plan; instead of buying a separate insurance for each trip abroad.


So when you plan a trip, it is important that you buy travel insurance well in advance, for you will be entitled to maximum benefits. The earlier you buy the better. Also, do not hesitate to get in touch with our qualified agents at Metis Marketing Services Pvt  Ltd for any queries and suggestions.

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