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Life insurance policies can be useful tax planning tools because the policyholder is eligible for tax benefits. If wisely done, with the help of the Metis marketing services, taking the insurance can serve a dual objective, help individuals meet their financial goals and save tax in the process. Plans of Metis marketing can be used for protection, long-term savings, and tax planning. There are different ways in which the tax can be saved, but life insurance is considered to be as one of the best and most effective tax planning instruments.

Metis marketing services Pvt Ltd arranges to provide you with the life insurance policy which is one of the most attractive propositions for those looking to provide protection to their families with the added benefit of tax savings. This is a win-win situation towards achieving financial security as a tool for optimizing health, wealth and happiness. We, at Metis marketing services private limited, has categorized them broadly into the three insurance avenues that can help maximize tax-savings:

Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered to be as the basic piece of any person’s financial portfolio. It offers money related cover to the person’s family in his nonattendance. Consequently, the provider must mean to take life insurance at the most appropriate time for the family’s security. Life Insurance items came in different structures with different endowment plans, term designs, entire life plans, cash back plans and unit-connected plans or ULIPs being the most critical.


  • Maximum finding that can be guaranteed is Rs 1.5 lakhs
  • Tax advantage under Section 80C
  • Tax-free proceeds on maturity/death under Section 10(D)

Pension plans

 Pension designs or annuity plans are another type of life insurance with an alternate end-objective. Life Insurance ensures the person’s family on his passing, the pension is intended to accommodate the individual and his family in the event that he lives on. Two phases accentuate the annuity process – accumulation and withdrawal. In the aggregation stage, the individual puts aside cash in his gaining years. Retirement kicks in the withdrawal stage. Tax cuts are material just in the accumulation stage.


  • Maximum finding that can be asserted is Rs 1 lakh
  • Tax advantage under Section 80CCC (sub-area under Section 80C)
  • On maturity 1/3rd of the accumulated amount tax exempt with the adjust 2/third regarded as income and taxed at the minimum assessment rate. The sum is tax-free upon the death of the beneficiary.

Health Insurance

Health insurance as it is more popularly known, covers expenses incurred from an accident/hospitalization. It additionally covers pre and post-hospitalization costs, subject to the aggregate guaranteed. Medical coverage offers tax benefits to people. Insurance premium up to Rs 20,000 for senior residents and Rs 15,000 for others is qualified for tax reduction, subsequently turned out to be a productive and effective tax saving investment.


  • The maximum tax benefit of Rs 20,000 for senior citizens and Rs 15,000 for others
  • Tax advantage under Section 80D
  • Maturity value is tax exempt for aggregate received under critical illness policies
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