Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance in which an insured makes regular payments to an insurance company in order to get his life insured, and the same amount is paid to the insured person after the specified time period or to his family on his demise. We, here at Metis Marketing, believe that life insurance is considered to be as the one of the essential for the leading a peaceful life. Life insurance acts like a protected shield to the family against any kind of loss including the financial income in case of the death of the person insured. The policy so bought with the help of the metis marketing services which will pay a fixed sum of money either at the expiry of a fixed tenure or to compensate the family for the death of the insured.

Advantages of Life Insurance

  1. Different plans: Different insurance companies offer a different type of plan to the insured depending on his need for insurance. More benefits come with the more premium.
  2. Cover for Health Expenses: These policies also cover hospitalization expenses and critical illness treatment.
  3. Promotes Savings: Insurance policies also come with the saving plan i.e. they invest your money in profitable ventures. A form of investment or saving. Hence, now a day’s people save a part of their income for the payment of Life insurance premium in the form of investment.
  4. Loan Facility: With the help of services from Metis marketing services Pvt Ltd, one can borrow a certain sum of the amount from the premium so deposited by the insured. This option is available on selected policies only. This is a safe and quick way to generate cash.
  5. Economic protection: The emotional loss caused to the family of the insured cannot be measured in terms of money. However, the financial responsibilities of the insured towards his family members are to an extent shared by the Life insurers.
  6. Flexibility: Some Life insurance policies are flexible. If at any point of time, the insurance needs of the insured person changes depending on the situation, they can talk to the insurance company so that they can adjust their insurance plan accordingly.

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