Life insurance- learn from an old agent

Life insurance- learn from an old agent

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Life insurance, if simply defined, means insurance of life. A person’s life is not in his/her control, but their insurance is. Metis Marketing services Pvt. Ltd brings you a hassle free insurance to live a better, carefree life. A life insurance policy cannot protect the life of the insured, but can surely be a support system for the family members.

The policy that is bought with the help of Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd would include a fixed premium to be paid by the insured person and the sum of money that is insured would be paid at the end of a fixed tenure or after the demise of the insured person. It acts as a protective shield for the dependent survivors in the family. Our agents offer you the best advice regarding your policy and how it can be put to the best use when in need.

Our agents at Metis Marketing services Pvt. Ltd offers top-notch services to customers seeking the perfect type of life insurance policy. They sit with them on a regular basis and explain to them the various types of policies suiting their needs and provide them with the policy that is perfect for them.

There come a variety of life insurance policies, depending upon the needs and preferences of the policyholder. Not only that, Life insurance policies come with a plethora of benefits that our experienced and qualified agents offer to its customers:

  1. Protection: Life insurance provides risk coverage to the family of the insured, at a stage when their only earning member has passed away; at a time when they need monetary support. The amount will be paid in lieu of the premium paid for the policy.
  2. Wealth creation: Money insured is money saved. Life Insurance acts as extra money to the family of the deceased for sudden payments and other immediate expenses, so that they do not need to look up to someone else to pay for them.
  3. Savings: The policy that has a specific sum assured helps cover medical expenses for the family members and it can also be invested into profitable ventures for fixed returns.
  4. Tax benefit: the premium that is paid for a life insurance policy is exempted from tax implications under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  5. Suits user’s needs: the policy comes with different plans in compliance with the needs of the user, which they can select accordingly.

The life of a person is immeasurable and cannot be brought back. Moving on is a part of life and us at Metis Marketing services Pvt. Ltd helps you provide that. So do not hesitate because it’s life that we’re talking about. Contact us and make you and your family insured.

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