How to Get Cheap Health Insurance?

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance?

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Amid the entire struggle to maintain a work-life balance in today’s world, it is important to be insured for any health issues that might arise in the future. With medical expenses skyrocketing with passing time, there arises a sudden discomfort while booking an appointment with the doctor. But with health insurance by your side, you can watch all your troubles disappear into thin air and get effective treatment.

We at Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd offers hassle-free solutions and expert advice regarding health insurance. Here are a few types that you need to consider according to your requirements:


Individual insurance policies cover one individual for a certain disease or illness, including cashless hospitalization, pre and post-hospital expenses and adequate insurance cover.

On the other hand, a group insurance policy covers all the family members under one roof, the benefits of which can be availed by one or all members when needed. A group policy is generally more expensive than an individual one.


Anyone above the age of 60 years can opt for a senior citizen health insurance plan for medical expenses arising out of emergency or pre-existing ailments or both.


Expecting a baby? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with a policy that offers maternity and newborn cover for the baby, including vaccination and post-delivery care.


In case you meet with an accident, Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd offers you an insurance cover for your medical expenses at the time of the accident.


Because you need to be prepared, preventive health care services are offered by the insurance policy that includes free health checkups, lab tests, consultation fees, etc.


A Unit Linked Health Plan divides your premium into two parts, one for your health cover, and the other for you to invest. You can use the invested amount for expenses that the insurance policy doesn’t cover. So look for such plans while buying health insurance.

Here are a few tips that will surely assist you while buying an affordable health insurance:

  • Though group insurance policies are relatively expensive, you should go for them instead of buying separate health insurance for every family member. That’s when you’ll save those extra bucks!
  • Always compare the health policies of different insurance companies before buying one. Compare costs, benefits, premiums, sub-limits and any exclusion whatsoever.
  • Look for plans that suit your needs. Don’t go for insurance plans that offer benefits of no use to you. Invest that money on plans with benefits that you can actually avail.

Healthcare is expensive, but life is priceless. Thankfully, insurance options are uncountable. With the help of Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd, you can buy the health insurance plan that perfectly matches your requirements. So don’t hesitate and get insured now.

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