Health Insurance

Health insurance is the insurance that covers all the medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse all the expenses incurred by the insured during any illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly. In this day and age of rising medical inflation, we believe that the health scares have unfortunately become a norm rather than an exception. Opting for a health insurance policy with the help of Metis marketing Services Pvt Ltd, therefore, has become imperative. The health insurance sector in India is complex and growing. It is important to note that insurance companies with the services of Metis marketing offer various health insurance products which offer a wide variety of benefits.

Benefits of Health Insurance

  1. Peace of Mind: Having health insurance leads to peace of mind for those who have it. If a nagging problem (such as an unusual pain), persists in someone with health insurance they can go to the doctor without the significant out-of-pocket expense and get it checked out even if it leads to diagnostic testing. Those without health insurance may suffer from symptoms for months or years without ever knowing what is causing them simply because they know they cannot afford to have it diagnosed and treated.
  2. Effective: People with health insurance who get sick can take a sick day from work, visit the doctor, get treated and possibly be back to work in a day or two if the illness is minor. It is an advantage to the employee and employer for this quick and easy access to medical attention, since it reduces their lost time on the job.
  3. Restoration: In some health insurance policies provided by the various insurance companies, the sum insured is reinstated if the insured exhausts the coverage amount in a year. For instance, the restoration benefit can also be used in cases where an insured has to bear expenses for any medical condition which is different from the condition for which a claim was made.
  4. Maternity cover: In this day and age, several health insurance providers are offering maternity cover as opposed to traditional insurance companies.

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