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We live in a world which is uncertain at each step. Now it becomes all the more important to make sure that your family stays protected unreservedly. While we understand that nothing can recompense for the loss of a life, we intend to provide you the peace of mind that your family will be secured after you.

The most basic requirement for buying a life insurance policy is to deliver financial support to the direct family of the insured in case of a premature death. As an instance, if a person passes away during his income years, then his family will have to suffer the burden of financial losses caused by the loss of his stable earnings. His family will still have to carry on with payment of routine bills, mortgages, outstanding loan’s EMI and other financial objectives, such as saving for retirement and children’s education. To evade this burden on the family members, leading insurance companies, such as Metis Marketing Service Pvt Ltd, have launched magnet life insurance plans in the market. These plans provide enough amount of reimbursement to the insured’s beneficiaries in case he deceases.

Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd helps you do exactly the same. These safety plans are inexpensive and you can elect for a Sum Assured as per your financial requirements. You can also use our Metis Marketing plan system to calculate your term insurance premium online.

Besides the foregoing basic need of earnings replacement, some people are aware of several benefits that come with buying life insurance policy. Few of them are as follows:

Basic Benefits of Life Insurance

    1. Protection

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Is there a loan in your name, like a car or home loan? Commemorate, in case of your death, it is your family that will have to pay off this liability. If in case they fail to do so, the economic institution intricate can forcefully take ownership of your car or house. A life insurance policy can make sure that nothing like this occurs. It thus helps you protect your possessions.

    1. Savings

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There are various types of life insurance policies available nowadays. Some of these can even help you secure for life as a retired person. These insurance plans, like Endowment or Money-Back, can help you secure for the forthcoming. They promise an assured amount after your retirement or a certain period of time, which can be an immense help at a later period.

    1. Property-Creation

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Everyone likes to earn or save a little extra money. Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd Insurance can even help you increase your property. Insurance policies earn you a return by investing a share of your premium payments in capital markets. These life insurance plans, thus, have a double benefit— investment and protection.

    1. Tax-savings

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Any amount you pay as premium – be it a health or a life insurance policy, can reduce your total taxable earnings. You can avail tax exemption on your insurance payments, under sections 80C and 80D of the Income Tax Act. This helps you save even more capital.


Thus, we can enjoy our life more freely if we buy a life insurance plan for us and our loved ones. You can call at Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd anytime and seek assistance.

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