Before Choosing Health Insurance, Here is Critical Information You Should Know

Before Choosing Health Insurance, Here is Critical Information You Should Know

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It is a true adage that “health is wealth”. In order to keep ourselves healthy, we need to eat right and exercise. But most importantly, we need to ensure our health.

Health insurance is the insurance that gives you a medical cover for expenses relating to your health. With the help of Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd, you can purchase a health insurance as per your requirements.

We are here to break the wall of dilemma and give you all the information that you need before buying that perfect health insurance plan.

Why health insurance?


  • A health insurance policy offers coverage when you make frequent visits to the doctor or to the pharmacy, without you having to worry about the expenses.
  • It provides a full maternity cover to expecting women.
  • It’s a flexible policy wherein you can apply for renewal in case your insurance cover gets exhausted within a year.
  • No torn shoes as you can apply online without any hassle. Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd helps you make an easy purchase.
  • The Health insurance policy is tax-deferred under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • The insurance company also takes care of your expenses to the hospital, traveling charges, etc.

What al is covered under health insurance?


  • Domiciliary treatment (treatment at home)
  • Alternative treatment (naturopathy, Ayurveda)
  • Maternity cover
  • Dental care
  • Weight loss surgeries
  • Emergency services
  • Pediatric care
  • Services for chronic illness
  • Cancer services
  • Psychiatric health

Though buying health insurance is as imperative as taking care of your health, here are a few things that you need to know before buying one:

  1. Buy insurance when you’re young. The earlier, the better.
  2. Go through the claim procedure carefully to avoid confusion later on.
  3. Check for the insurance cover- the amount that you need as a cover when you buy insurance.
  4. Look for hospitals associated with the insurance company so that the hospitals can directly contact them for payment of medical bills.
  5. Opt for a group insurance policy if you have a family so that your entire family is protected under one roof. Also look for policies that provide cover for pre-existing diseases.
  6. Do not opt for policies merely for tax benefits. Look for the health amenities that the policy has to offer.
  7. Know the sub-limit claim of an insurance policy (if any) and calculate it before buying the policy. However, a policy without any sub-limits would be better.
  8. Check whether the insurance policy covers any pre or post hospitalization expenses and also look for free medical checkups in your policy.

Once you have bought the policy, you need not worry about any expenses that earlier used to dig deep holes in your pockets. When you are in trouble, we at Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd is here to serve to the best of our abilities. Contact us for any further queries regarding insurance.

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