All You Need to Know About Affordable Home Insurance in Edmonton

All You Need to Know About Affordable Home Insurance in Edmonton

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Are you living in Edmonton? Can’t find the best home insurance plan? Take it easy!

Home insurance nowadays is as crucial as paying for its maintenance. We often ignore the fact that like our lives our houses need to be insured too. And buying a home insurance through Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd is as easy as buying clothes. Trust us!

Following are the types of home insurance that you can choose from in Edmonton:

  • House insurance: Protect your house comprehensively from any external damage such as fire, earthquake, or storms through Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. Not just insurance, but obtaining a claim at the time of damage is hassle-free too.
  • Mobile home insurance: House on wheels? Don’t worry! Every house is special and we have insurance for mobile houses as well.
  • Condo insurance: With external damage comes the internal loss in the form of damaged belongings such as furniture, electronic appliances and clothes. You can opt for condo insurance keeping your requirements in mind.
  • Home based business insurance: You can go for this type of insurance when you think that property damage can hamper the smooth functioning of your business.
  • Renters insurance: This type of insurance protects your house and compensates you for any damage caused to your personal belongings. It also provides any liability coverage that may arise due to an unexpected event. Also, any water leakage in your unit will be covered by this policy.
  • Landlord insurance: This type of insurance protects the rental property of the owner and compensates for any loss or damaged caused to the property rented by him.

What all is covered under home insurance in Edmonton?

  • Loss by lightning and fire
  • Loss by natural calamities
  • Loss by theft/burglary
  • Loss by defacement
  • Damage through leakage

Home insurance, out of all insurance types is the most affordable and is extensive as well as promising. With monthly premiums as low as $15 a month, the insurance is friends with your pocket and offers you a choice of a monthly or an annual payment.

With experienced agents ready to help at Metis Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd, you can get the best insurance advice and know about the insurance coverage for the type of home insurance you opt for. Save while you get nominal quotes to shield your house from damage and destruction in the slightest way possible.

When you live with a family that you love the most, spend Thanksgiving together and decorate your house with lights during Christmas Eve, each brick of that house means something to you. And when your house means the world to you, you need to insure it and protect it from any danger that may come unattended, turning you in for an emotional turmoil. So get your house insured in advance and sit back without worrying about any protection. Contact us for any queries.

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