Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Insurance

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A home is where the mind is and also where our heart, soul, and body reside. Purchasing a home is one of the greatest investment settlements of our lifespan. We save every single money of our income to buy our dream home. Irrespective of how small or big it is, every house wants safety, protection, and care from unpredicted disasters and damages. A house is prone to many possible threats like fire, theft, burglary and natural disasters like earthquake, storms, and tornados.

The only way to safeguard and protect your peaceful abode from such unforeseen hazards is a home insurance policy. A good home insurance policy secures your house externally as well as covers the valuable assets owned by you along with the construction. By having a perfect Home insurance plan in your hand, you are utterly prepared to weather any disaster that comes your way.

Why Metis Marketing Home Insurance?

Analysing the point that every house is special and wants to be taken care off, Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd provides you the Home Insurance Plan to protect your house. It helps you to deal efficiently against the unwanted and costly expenses that come along due to the damage caused by manmade factors or other natural disasters. Availing a Home Insurance plan is the most sensible decision as it not only covers the outlay of internal and external damage but also the contents of the house. Metis Marketing Service Pvt Ltd provides protection against housebreaking and burglary to domestic, electrical appliances, and even the construction and contents of the house. In short, our product not only takes care of that monetary loss that one might have to bear in case of any unforeseen and unfortunate incident but also, provides the much needed mental peace to the person in despair.

Advantages of Metis Marketing Home Insurance Policy

    1. Financial Protection:

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Keeping the Metis Marketing home insurance policy allow you the peace of mind by ensuring against possibly disturbing financial loss if destruction occurs in your house. The replacement cost of homes often overshadows the original buying price by a substantial margin, making a financial load that few families are prepared to bear. Home insurance offers the money to get back and reconstruct in the case of any damage or to replace any lost personal belongings.

    1. Timely Recovery:

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Home insurance payouts permit families to undergo the reconstruction process quickly, assisting them to move on and return to their normal lives. Home insurance payouts help families purchase lost property again and rebuild their house as soon as possible. This can be a quick recovery to save money as well as provide benefit psychological health of families by shortening stress and feelings of loss.

    1. General Provisions:

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Metis marketing services private limited provide the best insurance policies that cover a range of reasons of the damage to covered assets, including natural calamity, fire, vandalism or theft. The policy normally covers damage to the exterior and interior design of a home, also the damage to the personal property, internally or externally. Home insurance policies also secure personal liability for injuries that occur to others on the property of policyholders.

    1. Distinct Provisions:

Distinct Provisions

A distinct advantage of Metis marketing insurance policies is it has the capability to include extra provisions above and beyond normal insurances which are a unique feature in itself. While extra provisions normally encourage insurance premiums, it is justified considering the different level of protection it does provide for owners in unique circumstances or to cover expensive jewelry.

Disadvantages of Metis Marketing Home Insurance Policy 

Cost: The reality is, the only real disadvantage when it comes to dropping home insurance coverage is scrapping the monthly premium. Depending upon where one’s house is situated, a home insurance can be quite costly; this is exclusively true if the house is located in an area prone to natural disasters or near the oceanfront.


There are a lot of pros As compared to cons of Home Insurance. Therefore, you must buy home insurance plans in order to cover all the risks associated. You can visit our office anytime if you are looking forward to take assistance from our executives at Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd.

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